Multichannel Microphone Array Design
Four Channel Microphone Array Design for Front Sound Stage Coverage
Select the required Microphone Directivity Pattern
This will take you to the first stage in the Multichannel Microphone Array Design process.
(No links to Natural or All Arrays, or to Hypercardioid or Bidirectional Directivities are at present available)
-10dB at 180°
-6dB at 90°
-11.5dB at 180°
-6dB at 180°
Root Arrays
-A selection of Microphone Arrays where the angle between the microphones corresponds to the -Segment Coverage angle. No Segment Steering either by Microphone Position Offset or Electronic -Offset is necessary to achieve Critical Linking.
Natural Arrays
-A selection of Microphone Arrays using ONLY Microphone Position Offset to achieve Critical Linking. -No Electronic Offset is required..
All Arrays
-The complete selection of Microphone Arrays. Segment Steering is applied, where needed to achieve -Critical Linking, using both Microphone Position Offset and Electronic Offset.
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